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Welcome to the fabulous Wordsfair Reference Room. Here you will find links to an impressive range of intriguing sources for logocentric information.
Language Blogs & Zines
Take Our Word For It
The weekly word-origin webzine
Language Log
Daily commentary on language and its uses.
Linguistic commentary from a guy who takes things 
too literally.
What's in a name?
Behind the Name
The etymology and history of first names.
Last Name Meanings
Find the ethnic origin and meaning of last names.
Dictionaries & Thesauri
Merriam-Webster Online
Online American English dictionary and thesaurus.
Thesauri Online
From the American Society of Indexers website.
The Free Dictionary
General reference portal.
One-Look Dictionary Search
Look up a word in 998 online dictionaries at once.
American Sign Language online dictionary
Vocabulary Builders
Vocabulary University
Educational stimulation & fun for K-College Prep
UnivSource Vocabulary Builder
Over 1,750 words found on exams such as SAT, GRE, etc.
Free Vocabulary Web Games
Improve your vocabulary - from Sheppard Software
The Mavens' Word of the Day Archive
Vocabulary archive from Random House
Grammar Games
Grey Campus
Home School English Games for Kids
World Languages
International Tongue Twisters
From AlphaDictionary.com
Language Mysteries
User-submitted mysteries from Omniglot.com
Writing Guides
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
An interactive online writing guide and handbook
Writer's Resource Center
News, articles, information and opportunities for writers
Online Publications
Foreign Newspapers Online
Online newspaper links - from Multilingual Books
Poets & Writers
Literary publications online

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